Voxgig is an event software startup.
Since September 2017, we have been creating a new social network
for people involved in technology events.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip event speakers, organizers and attendees with a single, centralized platform
that enables them to have the very best event experience.

No matter what your role in technology events, chances are you’re familiar with the pain of working
with endless emails, spreadsheets and platforms. You use one tool to plan your trip, another
to submit your bio to the organizers, another to contact the caterer to change the numbers
for lunch… sound familiar?

At voxgig, we have been through it all too. We’ve been organizing, attending and speaking at
technology events all our working lives. We’re already using the voxgig software platform
to make working on the events that we organize easier and more fun.

Our Culture

We value openness, trust, flexibility and diversity – externally as well as internally. Our software
experts are committed to open source software (OSS) and the global software community. This
is reflected in our open approach to collaboration and transparency. Yes, we make a living
out of this, but it’s also important to us to make a meaningful contribution to quality and
equality in the software world.

One example of this is our work on
World Speech Day (WSD). In 2018, we are hosting and running this global event. Running
every year on March 15th, WSD celebrates speeches and speech-making through live speaking
events across the world.